What inspired me?

What inspired me?

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Motherhood gave me new perspective that inspired me to design a collection of baby clothing dedicated to single parents, that carry the weight of parenting on their own.

Just over a year and a half ago I became a 1st time mom. There was so much love and joy! So much that an hour could pass, and I would realize that the only thing I had done was stared at my little one. But in the midst of that happiness, there were also many tears, many emotions, sleepless nights and a lot of learning. Everything was new! I had my husband by my side supporting me every step of the way.

Motherhood brings new perspective

In that moment I wondered… How she carried it all? How she did it all on her own? It was only then that I really understood…how much she carried, how deep she loves us and how incredibly strong she is. In that moment I saw her strength. It was still my same mom, but I saw her and her walk-through different eyes, with a different understanding.

From inspiration to collection

I was already in the process of pursuing my dream to start a sustainable baby clothing label but in that moment it all came together. My 1st collection would be a collection dedicated to single moms and dads that carry both weight of parenting on their own. I wanted to create a collection that would honour my mom and all the single parents out there. The single parents that provide, raise, support, teach and give double portions of love even when they feel they are running on empty.

The collection  

The “Marshmallow Rainbow” collection just launched! A collection inspired by my personal story – a collection dedicated to single moms and dads, that carry both the beauty and challenges of parenting on their own. Using contrasting pastel fabrics and colours and asymmetric design symbolic for one parent carrying more than the other. Shop the collection here.

After rainfall there is always a rainbow…somewhere. Even if you don’t see it it’s there! Value your seasons! Let them shape and inspire you to do great things! There is always hope!

With ♡ Jade

Mommy (of 1) and Founder of Marshmallow & Me.  

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