Introducing Marshmallow & Me: Winter Rainbow

Introducing Marshmallow & Me: Winter Rainbow

June 01, 2023

The Winter Rainbow collection is a collection dedicated to single moms and dads that carry both the beauty and struggles of parenting on their own. The use of asymmetric design and contrasting colours and fabrics, is symbolic for one parent carrying more than the other.

This ultra-soft collection includes stylish high-waisted trousers and matching sweaters, chic cardigan’s and oversized sweater dresses in a range of pastel shades of ecru, mauve, lavender and aqua. The velour and terry fabrics sourced for this collection are all GOTS certified. Sustainability has been considered throughout the production of our collection from product design to extended life span (grow-sleeves and oversized models), to using recycled labels / accessories and PVC free shipping materials. 

The collection was inspired by the founders personal story: "My sister and I were raised by an incredible single mom that did everything in her power to give us her best. It was only when I had my 1st little girl – with my husband by my side – that I really understood how much she carried and how strong she was for us over the years. There are so many single parents out there for many different reasons; some who have lost their spouse, been left to raise kids on their own or chosen to raise an unplanned child against all odds. Single parents are incredibly strong, and this collection honors their strength and puts them in the spotlight they deserve.” - Jade Drake, Founder of Marshmallow & Me. 

Baby Sweater Purple

Little Lize (1.5 years) wearing our purple sweater (size 80) and classic marshmallow leggings while enjoying a delicious marshmallow. 

During the months of October till December, we will be featuring a number of single moms on our social channels, blog and podcast (yes, that's coming soon too) to create awareness for the many different reasons for single parenting, the challenges they face and the ways we can best support the single parents we know around us. 

Furthermore, 15 % of the profit of each clothing item sold via our webshop will go toward a Compassion Mother & Baby program in Kenya, which supports women (mostly single) during pregnancy, delivery and the first year of the child’s life. 

We are more than just a fashion brand for kids - bringing change is something we put at the forefront of everything we do. We are dedicated to creating high-quality clothing, supporting fair and sustainable textile chains, bringing a message of change and supporting families in need. 

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