Sustainability is one of our core values. We make baby clothing that is good for little one's but also considers the world they will grow up in¬†ūüĆé.

"As business owners we have the responsibility to be conscious about the decisions we make and the impact of those decisions. Doing business in a sustainable way is no longer a nice to have but a must have. Sustainability needs to woven into your business model and the ways in which you do business." Jade Drake - Founder of Marshmallow and Me. 

These are the considerations we have made along the way: 

Our Fabrics 

We only source fabrics from selected and certified fabric suppliers that value sustainable production as much as we do. All the fabrics we source / produce are organic and certified, most of them carrying the GOTS certification. By working with certified fabrics and suppliers we support fair textile chains that are monitored from the production of the cotton fibre to dyeing and weaving to the shop counter. We also provide detailed information (when possible) regarding fabric origin and certifications per product listing. 

Our Designs 

We know babies grow quickly so we have put thought into designs and models / patterns that have a longer life span. For example our over sized sweaters that fit up to a year longer depending on the baby. We have also incorporated grow-sleeves on our cardigans and sweater dresses that have been designed to fold and unfold as those little arms grow.

Production Process 

We work with very few production partners and focus on building long lasting relationships with our partners. 

  • Our brand labels are made from recycled yarns.
  • Our hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper.¬†
  • We always strive to use eco friendly accessories. For example, the eco buttons made from recycled mother of pearl shell used on our cardigan's.
  • Fabric is produced / ordered for the specific order quantities to avoid excess.
  • Fabric off cuts are recycled or used for¬†other¬†creative projects.¬†¬†

Storage and Shipping

  • Any plastic used for transport or storage purposes is recyclable and is recycled if / when used.
  • All of our shipping supplies are eco-friendly. We use compostable shipping bags and any other supplies used are PVC free. Supplies like paper tape and kraft paper are used to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Within The Netherlands (for big cities) we make use of bicycle couriers to reduce our CO2 omissions.
  • We also encourage our clients to recycle the packaging they don't plan on using.


We make our munchie scrunchies from off-cut materials. 


    Should you want more detailed information on the sustainability considerations of each collection please refer to the respective collection page: 

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