Our Mission

Marshmallow & Me is on a mission to support families in need. We want to see families stand strong. With every purchase YOU support this mission.

15% of the proceeds (profit) per garment sold will go toward this mission. See below the first program we will be supporting: 

Compassion Mother & Baby program in Kenya

An incredible program that supports pregnant woman during their pregnancy, delivery and the 1st year of their child's life. This program helps give moms and babies a healthy start. They get access to a mid-wife, health-care, supplements that are needed, community, parenting courses and mom's can even enrol for skills development courses, and are taught the basics of business so they can potentially start their own business and be more self sustained.


Many of the mom's in this project are single and don't have a social network or family to fall back on. These programs can really impact a life or death decision to either abort or keep a child. Marshmallow and Me together with a number of other business owners sponsors this particular program.



"From one mommy to another, we all want to give our kids the best - it's just in us. We want to be there for the mom that want's too  but might now be in a position to be able to. Let's project those mom's, like we want to be protected, and help these mom's have the best possible start with their babies." Much love - Jade.


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